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Monday, 27 Nov at 6PM
Guest: Gaja Karolczak

Guest Rooms are unfolding in their new temporary location in the bustling area of Saint Gilles in Brussels and launching the series of reading sessions. For this very first meeting, we will focus on a text 'Dehumanisation through Decomposition' coming from the recent book 'Necros: An Introduction to the Ontology of Human Dead Body and Remains' by a Polish historian Prof. Ewa Domanska (Adam Mickiewicz University at Poznan, Stanford University). Her teaching and research interests include comparative theory of the human and social sciences, history and theory of historiography, ecological humanities, genocide and ecocides studies. In her book, she offers a post-anthropocentric and ecological perspective on life after death, posing questions such as: When a human being ceases to be able to recognise the dead body as a human body? What can the remains, considered as organic collective subjects, tell about the multispecies identity, relational subjectivity and community of organic matter? How do changing social and cultural norms, such as rising ecological awareness, influence the approach towards the remains?

The reading will be introduced by Gaja Karolczak who is a body researcher. She studied Science of Performative Creativity in Malta and Rome, and is an alumna of a.pass programme, Brussels, where she inquired into the nature of phantomic sensation through somatic approach. Gaja is now dealing with alternative education modalities and communities co-creating meaning. She co-founded Sense of Movement Foundation and co-leads Grupa Samoczytająca reading group in Poznan. Currently also a practitioner of Structural Integration.

We would like to extend our thanks to Prof. Ewa Domanska who chose one of her texts for our reading session.

The text and discussion held in English

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With work by Ghislain Amar, Simon Asencio, Francisco Camacho, Nicholas Grafia, Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir, Anna Maria Łuczak, Gregor Różański, Līga Spunde, Susan Pietzsch & Miho Shimizu, Beata Wilczek, Annemarie van den Berg



Guest Rooms attempt to deal with and discuss the ambiguity of real life spaces as potential art networking sites addressing various traditions of exhibition making including an illustrious show Chambres d’Amis (Rooms of Friends) curated by Jan Hoet, that places art works within 58 private homes and “evades the overwhelming nature of large, prestigious exhibitions by cutting the museum to pieces and scattering it all over town”.

Launched within one of private spaces in Amsterdam, now run in a bustling area of Saint Gilles, Brussels.

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Alicja Lojowska, Anna Maria Łuczak, Annemarie van den Berg, Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir, Beata Wilczek, Emma Panza, Francisco Camacho, Ghislain Amar, Gregor Różański, Helena Aðalsteinsdóttir, Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir, Johann Romme, Līga Spunde, Miho Shimizu, Nicholas Grafia, Simon Asencio, Susan Pietzsch + Bogdan Łapiński




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