· Apr 6, 2020

Débora Delmar, Community, Comunidad (Keychain), 2020, Material Art Fair with Syndicate. Courtesy of the artist

“I exhibited Community at Material Art Fair in Mexico City in February. The work consisted of a gate that blocked the entrance to my booth with Syndicate Gallery. The gate was composed of 5 panels including a door that could be sold as individual works to different collectors or as a whole. The work’s design was based on instances of barriers that I had seen in gated communities in Mexico. I was drawn to the designs of these, which referenced modernist art and minimalist design. Both, the gallerist (pictured above) and I, had keys that opened the lock of the gate. Whenever an interest was expressed, we would offer visitors to go inside. Being now on my 20th day of self-isolation and not knowing yet when we go back into our normal lives, I started thinking about this work again and the coincidental relevance it has to our current context.”

DÉBORA DELMAR's (b. 1986, Mexico City, MX) work investigates the effects of globalisation on everyday life in relation to consumer culture and aspirational aesthetics. Her work plays with systems of circulation of products in contemporary society and the contextual value that is assigned to goods within society. From their products to their distribution, consumption and disposal. She is particularly focused on the societal consequences of globalisation such as issues of class and cultural hegemony, as well as the homogenisation of corporate aesthetics. DELMAR creates multi-sensory installations that are commonly composed of different elements including fabricated and appropriated objects, photographic prints and appropriated images, and immaterial elements such as sound, scent and situations.

Due to the lockdown caused by the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re reaching out to different protagonists to ask how they are dealing with the current situation, i.e. suspended exhibitions, social distancing, and advice to stay home as much as possible.


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