· May 2, 2020

Olga Hohmann, from the Rotating Diamonds series, digital sketch, in collaboration with Lea Hopp, 2020. Courtesy of the artist

„When I was a teenager, I excessively played a computer game called The Sims. The main task of the game was to keep the characters alive by fulfilling their basic needs. The Sims only had approximately seven different movements at their disposal with which they could demonstrate different needs. The most obscure of these needs was the demand for leisure. In order to fulfill the leisure, the Sims performed different activities, mostly situated on light green lawns, which were either of a social or sporty nature. Above their heads there was a rotating diamond that could change its colour depending on the well-being of the individual — if the diamond turned red, it was a bad sign, if it was green, the respective Sim was in good mental and physical shape.”

· From the upcoming text by Olga Hohmann titled Rotating Diamonds

OLGA HOHMANN (b. 1992) studied Fine Arts at Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam (MFA, 2020), Choreography at HZT Berlin (guest) and Theatre Directing at HfS Ernst Busch Berlin. She is currently working on her first book, which will be published in collaboration with Textem Verlag Hamburg, and her next performance at Galerie Anton Janizewski in Berlin.

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