EXHIBITION VISIT at CAC — la synagogue de Delme, France
· Mar 23, 2020

Zuzanna Czebatul, The Singing Dunes, 2020, installation view, CAC — la synagogue de Delme. Photos by O.H. Dancy

Zuzanna Czebatul operates mainly in the field of sculpture, creating pieces that blur the lines between commercial product, architectural relic, and artistic production. Her work investigates complex relationships between the viewer and the viewed. She produces her own materials and creates works that deal with different themes representing strength or weakness, depicted in their opposed forms and with a certain sense of humor and kitschy eroticism. Her installations appear in turns collapsed, destroyed, deflated, or fragmented, and question concepts such as monument, public edifice and symbolic architecture. Reality and artificiality appear in her work in a constant dialogue in which she exposes the fluidity or flexibility of politics, the art market, or the human body. Thus, her work often addresses power structures, ideologies and politics and asks the question: how do we want to live? · From the press release: Zuzanna Czebatul, The Singing Dunes, CAC — la synagogue de Delme, 29 Feb — 31 May 2020
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ZUZANNA CZEBATUL (1986, PL) is an artist based in Berlin. She graduated from Hunter College in New York, Städelschule at Willem de Rooij class in Frankfurt, and Universität der Künste in Berlin. Her solo shows include T-Kollaps GGM1 at Gdansk City Gallery (2019), Whacko In & Loco Out at IG Metall Haus, Berlin (2019), Even A Spaceship Has To Land Sometimes at CCA Futura, Prague (2018), TRIP CITY at Ujazdowski Castle CCA, Warsaw (2017), Wild Awake at 83 Pitt Street, New York (2017), Away at Mélange, Cologne (2017), Ellipsism at Piktogram, Warsaw (2016), Viridescent Nervure at Gilmeier Rech, Berlin (2015), Opus Sectile at Mini/Goethe-Institut Ludlow 38, New York (2015) and was featured in group exhibitions at Somerset House, London (2019), Kunsthalle Lingen (2019), Kunsthalle Bratislava (2019), Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (2017), Exile Gallery, Berlin (2017), Tenderpixel, London (2017), Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (2016).


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