· Oct 21, 2020

Léa Porré, Vin Dizen, 2019, installation view. Courtesy of the artist

During self-isolation, Léa Porré installed her work Vin Dizen in a private gym outside Paris, for one of the chapters of Solo Show, a platform presenting offsite exhibitions, ‘showcasing installations made in artists’ homes — centering, in particular, the voices of artists who’ve experienced isolation, and/or were implementing novel creative structures prior to the COVID-19 pandemic’, organized by Underground Flower, in partnership with Harlesden High Street and Rhizome Parking Garage.

Vin Dizen is an archeo-fiction, a series of constructed artefacts which combines blockbuster culture and mystical symbolism. Installed in a gym, it explores new scenarios for possible rituals to take place.

The context of the confinement was an occasion for me to revisit previously made works that were already anxiously waiting in isolation - wondering when they would be allowed to be shown outside again. They started popping up in various rooms, discovering new spaces to colonise, trying to find agency in this new global state of work from home. But the gym was the only place for them to feel purposeful again, now anxiously waiting for the upcoming ritual in which they would soon serve.

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Léa Porré, Vin Dizen, 2019, installation view. Courtesy of the artist

LÉA PORRÉ (b. 1996) is a French-Belgian artist. Studied CAP Critical Practice at the Royal College of Art in London and graduated from Central Saint Martins (2018). Her practice is a critical re-reading of French history through the lens of mythology. She composes alternative narratives by disrupting iconic imagery, rituals and events. Her aim is to construct a space of healing, of critical awareness and re-enchantment of our past in order to engage with the building of our future. Recently, her speculative fictions pose the question of the return of French monarchy. The ‘Other King’ could either be a desperate pretender to the throne, an immortal esoteric leader, a failed wellness guru, a sacrificial vessel or an alchemical master. Her solo shows include Historical Amnesia at Château de Lantheuil, France (2019) and Who Knows What Happened Here? at Placement Produit, Aubervilliers, France (2019) and was featured in group exhibitions at Dyson Gallery, London (2020), Espacio Odeón, Bogotá (2020), Temple Saint-Etienne, Mulhouse (2019), Tate Modern (2018). Participant at Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart & the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe Residency (2018).

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